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The Best SEO in Brighton?

Who is this guy?

I’m Tim Passmore. You can call my Tim.

I make things go up and down in search engines. For fun and for profit.

So yeah, that’s basically all I need to say on that.

I’m just a 28 year old, fairly immature guy, that works full time as an SEO consultant for businesses in the Brighton area.

What is this website?

Hopefully, you found this website by searching something along the lines of…

“SEO Brighton”


“SEO Brighton Award”


“Best SEO in Brighton Award”

And I came up top.  That is the idea behind this website.

The Best SEO in Brighton Award goes to who ever can rank #1 for each of these 3 keywords.

As of writing this, I have no achieved it yet, but I am confident. Very confident.

I’m more of a white hat guy myself, I know there will be a few dodgy entrees. But hopefully with the contest being open for 4 months, these will drop off before the deadline. We all know spammers can rank top fast, but can they do it consistently and over time? I think not.

So with that said…

Watch this space.

I will update when I win.

P.S. If you are wondering how I plan on winning this, here are some services and tools I’ll be using:

Backlinks monitoring by Majestic
SEO by Rosser Media Northants
Press Releases by PRWeb